About PDaley Productions

—–PDaley Productions is a self-run video editing/filming company run by Pete Daley, out of Sterling, VA—–


 A Brief History;

Pete started filming and using cameras when he was a child, and even still has some of his old “Street Luge” videos he edited using two VHS-cassette players… It seems adventure-sporting and film has gone hand-in-hand in Pete’s life and when he purchased the GoPro HD Hero Action Sports Camera (www.gopro.com) in February of 2010, his attraction towards the art was reborn. Over the last few years, Pete has thrown himself fully into the video editing realm, and has self-trained himself (thanks to the help of many online tutorials and YouTube videos), how to use Sony’s Vegas Pro 9, 10 and 11 on his PC at home. Although he originally intended to just document his snowboarding adventures, the flexibility of his GoPro camera allowed him to dabble with other types of filming styles… Since he started using the original HD Hero, Go Pro has since come out with two newer upgraded models, the HD Hero 2 and Hero 3. This little action cameras, although sometimes buggy, have been such an influential part of Pete’s life, as well as The action sports, The Cinematography and The Indie Productions worlds alike. Go Pro seems to have its business model down pretty good, and Pete is striving to prepare himself to land a job working for either GoPro or the next best thing one day.

In 2011 Pete purchased a Canon T3i DSLR camera, which further opened up options for him in the video realm… In the process of learning the ins and outs of the camera, Pete has also realized his attraction and natural eye in photography. With the canon, the ability to take long exposure photos along with HDR photography has allowed Pete to get as creative as his mind can get. Building a solid lens collections with a good range of apertures, telephoto, wide angle and macro capabilities is definitely required for any successful videographer or photographer… So it’s definitely baby steps.

After receiving recognition on multiple photographs, Pete decided to upgrade his DSLR to the Canon 70D in 2014. Pete had a featured photo displayed in the Art Space of Herndon art gallery after being one of fifty photographs picked for their 2013 Abstract Art competition. He has also had the oppurtunity to attend numerous music events with his cameras (by being giving a media pass), and has been re-shared on a couple different well-known musicians social pages. (eg: Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, RX Bandits, The Glitch Mob, 3Lau, Adventure Club and Griz)

He is ready and looking forward to what the future holds.

Timelapse Video;

 One of Pete’s favorite thing about the HD Hero is the ability to set it on 1,2,5,10,30, or 60 second photomode, where, as it would seem, the camera takes a picture every X seconds. Combined with Sony Vegas, Pete is able to render these pictures, sometimes over 20,000 of them, sequentially, into a video that may only last 5 or so minutes. Even though it may only take 5 minutes to watch, what you witness, however, is actually hours of footage compacted and sped up, sometimes so fast that its almost impossible to notice every detail the first watch thru… That being said… Pete is a perfectionist, and attention to detail is one of his strong suits… Finding the right angle/lighting/ambient music is key in creating a solid video, and luckily practice, trial and error are all close friends to PDaley Productions.


 Let’s face it. Two heads are better then one…. And when it comes to the video world, 4 eyes can see more then 2 can. Pete is always down to team up, and if you have an idea…


Thanks for your interest in contacting me! Shoot me over an email and I'll respond to it as fast as I can! Much Love, Pete Daley


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 * DSLR: Canon 70D  * GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3, 3+ and 4. I couldn't love my GoPro's more.  * Aerial Photography/Videography with: Phantom 4 *

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